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He is considered the first community psychologist, because his work pioneered attention to community life, prevention, and population health. User account | Adler Graduate School. Applicants who qualify for the Community Partner Scholarship are not eligible for any other scholarships or discounts from Adler University. Merit scholarships are awarded based on the applicant’s undergraduate GPA at time of application submission. Address. Contact Us. Search for Courses by Keyword Search for Courses by Keyword. Adler University recognizes the achievements of our alumni and support their ongoing career growth through a doctoral Merit scholarship guarantee. Direct Unsubsidized Loans are not need-based, and are available to degree and certificate students at all academic levels. Recipients of the Community Partner Scholarship must be a full-time employee at one of Adler University’s designated high-impact community partners. 17 N. Dearborn Street Military Scholarship Adler’s Office of Financial Aid Adler University values the long standing relationships we have with several community organizations. Candidates are reviewed automatically and scholarships are awarded at time of acceptance only. 31 and 33 students may be required to submit the following to the Office of Financial Aid: Military Tuition Assistance Students may also be awarded additional merit scholarship funding based on a holistic review of the application for admission and other factors including (but not limited to): admissions interview, relevant work/volunteer experience, and demonstrated commitment to Adler University’s mission. This allowance is an average of fees charged to students in specific ranges of cost of attendance. Students receive access to this site shortly after being formally accepted to Adler University. Library electronic content can be accessed through Adler Connect ... Adler Connect. Scholarships are awarded over two years (maximum). I Students begin the financial aid process by completing and submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at using Adler’s school code (G20681). Contact Us. 1606), Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP, Ch. Online Campus students are provided with an allowance of up to $1,950 per month in living expenses. 236.521.2500 The payment is made directly to Adler. As a way of saying “thank you” for your service, all active-duty, veteran, or retired U.S. military service members, Reservist or National Guard (and their spouses or civil partners) who enroll in any Chicago Campus degree program may qualify for a Military Scholarship. Graduate degree with GPA above 3.80, 3.0 – 3.4 Graduate Students (Chicago Campus only), $37,167 in a 12-month academic year (Unsubsidized Only, Prorated for academic year less than 12 months), 3.41 – 3.8 ), Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Master of), Public Policy and Administration (Master of), Clinical Mental Health Counseling Online (M.A. Self-Service. Assistance available to Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and their dependents or those on active duty/reserve. 31), Graduate Students (Except Chicago Campus Psy.D. You need a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution to enroll in Adler University programs. Aid is available from the U.S. federal government, and from institutional and outside programs. Adler University would like to recognize those who have served the community abroad through the Peace Corps program. Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements . Money that must be repaid at some point in the future, with interest. Adler University offers 24-hour technical support. Candidates are reviewed automatically and scholarships are awarded at time of acceptance only. provided above, including wireless, even if I am on a Chicago and Vancouver Campus students are provided with a $50/credit hour book and supply allowance. 31) education benefits may have a tuition and fees payment sent directly to Adler University. A degree can open the door to more career choices and increase your earning potential. The following costs are eligible for consideration under a cost of attendance appeal. Borrowers have the option of a standard, 10-year repayment or other extended repayment options based on time to repayment or the borrower’s income. These additional items will be formally requested by the Office of Financial Aid if they are necessary to complete the aid application process. The Federal Direct Stafford Loan is the basic component of a student’s financial aid award package. The Office of Financial Aid will help you understand your options and answer any questions you have. Many Adler University students find it necessary to take out loans to finance all or a portion of their costs. [email protected] I have/will have a bachelor’s degree by the time I plan FWS participants are paid $15/hour to work part-time. To qualify for a Federal Work-Study position, a student must: FWS is a need-based employment program that is factored into the student’s overall financial aid package for the year. Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence from a term may no longer be eligible for the entire amount of federal student loans they were awarded and/or received. Students will be notified of their aid awards via email and will be asked to review them via the Financial Aid Self-Service area of Adler Connect. Search for Courses and Course Sections. Students), Psy.D. Federal Direct PLUS Loans first disbursed on or after 10/1/2017 and before 10/1/2018 will have a loan fee of 4.264%. Federal Direct PLUS loans are not need-based, but a credit check is required. In order to be eligible for most types of federal and institutional assistance, an aid applicant must: Effective starting with the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Financial aid applications are year-specific and must be renewed each academic year in order to continue funding. A monthly housing allowance (MHA) paid to the student and payable for the zip code of the campus where the student physically attends the majority of classes. Chicago, IL 60602. ), Counselor Education and Supervision (Ph.D.), Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Ph.D.), Current Rates for Online Campus Tuition and Fees, Montgomery GI Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR, Ch. THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED OR ENDORSED BY ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY, AND THIS OFFER IS NOT BEING MADE BY AN AGENCY OF THE GOVERNMENT. 17 N. Dearborn Street Adler University acknowledges the sacrifices made by those who serve our country in the military. or For more information on TA, including a breakdown of Tuition Assistance dollar amounts by branch, click here. A student who is retaking a previously passed course to improve their grade in it may have exactly one repetition of that course included in their enrollment status. Aid can come in the form of: Loans [email protected] All admitted applicants are automatically considered for merit scholarships; no additional scholarship application is required. Contact Us. Scholarship recipients may be asked to provide the appropriate documentation. Connect; Student Services; Registrar; Student Accounts; Student Affairs; Information Technology; Faculty and Staff; Quicklinks. Adler Connect. Students must remain continually enrolled at Adler University to receive the total amount of their package and remain in Satisfactory Academic Progress with Office of Financial Aid in order for scholarships to be renewed. In times of economic uncertainty, possibly one of the best investments you can make is in your education, and in the professional skills that can lay the foundation for your future. Federal student loans require a student to maintain at least half-time enrollment. Your account username is generally set as , i.e., [email protected] Students. In addition, advisement and mentoring around Adler's mission, degree requirements, Community Service Practicum Experience, practicum, and internship are discussed. These amounts are based on a student’s academic level and/or program. Federal Direct PLUS Loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2017 and before July 1, 2018 have a fixed interest rate of 7.00%. A student must be admitted prior to applying for Veterans Education or Military benefits.

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