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Behind him, the sky was black. No one had bothered to make the building look more like a house. A high school dropout is going to school those boys?”“There’s more to life than book smarts,” Bobby defended. Cas tipped his head back to meet Dean’s gaze. Dean heard the unfurling of wings and suddenly they were back in the room with the bright lights and the cold table. Cas quirked a rare smile. The wendigo was still out there, but Bobby had both his boys back. Lucifer finally perished down there. Against his better judgement, Bobby believed him. We seal the Gates and Heaven will be too depleted to attack again. He left half of the answers blank.”Bobby frowned. “I guess world peace is out of the question?”, “On the contrary,” Zach leaned across the table. Bobby shoved his hand away. “I’m not asking nicely.”“He’s right here,” Ms. Lyle gestured to the car. They took Dean off the cold slab of a table and marched him into a windowless grey room. How long until Sam grew wings too? “What’s wrong? “What’s going on?” Bobby shouted. It reached a frequency where fear did not factor. Dean scrambled to Cas’ side. The paint was flaking off the porch like leaves off an autumn tree. I’ve got a crazy idea, but you’re the only one who can tell me if it’ll work.”, Cas’ eyes lifted. He was calling for you. Dean withdrew the demon knife and passed it to Sam. Dean’s patience snapped. I need your help.”. He climbed onto the hood of the car and lay back. “Come inside. He looked back down as Bobby got out of the car. He released it at last. “I’d say so, handsome,” a voice startled Dean. “It will leave you more vulnerable than ever.”, “We can protect ourselves better if we don’t have to worry about accidentally frying me with the other wingnuts.”, “So,” Dean scratched his head, “How do I get rid of my grace? Dean paced the room in a frantic circuit. Dean shouted and bucked. “Sam and Bobby are up there with that monster,” Dean ground out between his teeth. The angel would have vanished already anyways. “Hey, c’mon, work with me here,” Dean wheedled. I offered him a place. “You can’t kill me with that.”“I’m not trying to,” Dean pulled the trigger.The bullet slammed into the demon’s shoulder, knocking it off balance. “They never reach their goal. The twin beds shoved together held the slumbering lumps of his boys, unconcerned by the noise. Dean’s focus broke. “Yeah, I can’t hear anything in here,” Dean agreed. He was so tired. Bobby was halfway up the stairs in the space between two heartbeats. Dean thrashed, yelling. “Where do you honestly think those boys came from?” Bobby harrumphed, “You know what I think.” “You still holding onto that UFO story?” Ellen scoffed. “I’ll be home soon.”Now Bobby was walking up to the Fore Inn. At midnight he suddenly wrenched the door open and stalked out. “What?” Dean gasped. “I don’t want to pry, Cas, but something feels off about you. And Crowley gave me the blood and I-,” Tears and guilt rushed to Dean’s throat, clogging his words. There was a shotgun in the living room hanging over the mantle. Cas helped throw us out of Heaven.”, Bobby looked him in the eye, “Do you really want to rule Heaven?”, Dean scoffed. Dean startled as Zach walked around the desk. Sam was already asleep, curled in the backseat. The frame of the Newton’s cradle wobbled and toppled. “I don’t think I have anything you can eat,” Bobby mumbled. It’s Dean. Ms. Lyle was suddenly in Bobby’s headlights. "They're in danger. Sam rubbed his shoulders when Cas had finished puking his guts out. From here on out you should expect canon typical violence. “This can’t be little Joanna Beth!” Bobby squeezed her tight. “We’ll come back, someday,” Dean said, all the bravado his ten-year-old self could muster.Jo collapsed into sobs. Sam shot him an annoyed look.“How do you kill the Devil?” Sam asked. He left her office and wandered down the hall to the grade one class. They still hadn’t harvested any blood from the demon. “We’ll find him for you. Bobby went down into the kitchen and dialled the phone. He slouched over an open tome; an empty whiskey glass abandoned beside his hand. I can help.” Bobby struggled to his feet and went to Dean and Sam. You sure you’re alright?”, Cas turned his stern expression on Dean. The lights fizzled back. “Why do I let you drag me out to this dump?” Sam lamented. "H wandered off into the night. Somehow, Dean knew there wasn’t. “What’s happening?” His voice croaked, his throat dry as sandpaper. There were too many blind spots behind the shelves. I will not have your snot nosed brother on my throne.”Crowley turned his wrist, checking his watch. “What is going on, Dean?” Sam asked, raking a hand through his hair. They were so perfectly sculpted, from their tiny toes to their small ears. Cas glanced back and noted Dean’s struggle. There was nothing stirring as Bobby crept past the carcasses of … Sam yelled, gripping the sides of his head. Tears streamed down her face. Bobby looked sharply at Sam. Michael is dead, Gabriel vanished some time in Ancient Rome, Raphael is crazier than a bag of cats, and the Big Guy hasn’t been seen in an eon.”, Dean blinked. “Good night,” she went up to the guest room Bobby had made up for her. Scratchy sheets rustled under his fingers. Bobby wasn’t sure what he was saying, but he was pretty sure Dean wasn’t hearing half of it. “So which arch-douche is in charge now?”, Zachariah tsked. It was supernaturally strong. Ms. Lyle shoved her glasses back in place seven times while she jotted down her number, the hotel number, the fair location; everything Bobby would need to know. “That thing wasn’t human, okay? Dean resumed his seat, folding his legs under him. Dean couldn’t count on Sam not remembering every time Dean had to feed him blood. “Lucifer has been imprisoned in the Cage since the Garden. “Right now, I want to eat in peace,” Dean groused. Was that a yes?”“No,” Sam’s weak cry shattered Dean’s resolve. For a moment he lay in the quiet, listening for the noise that had woke him. “This way,” Cas led him away from the staircase. No one was tailing them. “Hey, Bobby, take it easy,” Dean touched his shoulder. “Oh, that can’t be good,” Dean muttered. He was a thousand feet up. A long coat hung to his knees. “Hey, you’re okay. Sam?”, “Slow down. The huge shape growled. If Sam didn’t improve, he’d give him more. Dean’s dusty boot prints followed a path to the empty fridge and back outside. Dean looked helplessly at Bobby. Dean smiled widely at Jo. Bobby turned on him. “Does that mean there’s no chance you can make me a banana daiquiri?” Dean quipped. The flames smashed against his helmet. Your little brother is riding the Highway to Hell. Demon blood might kill Sam. “Bobby, this is in Japanese,” Dean exclaimed. What happened?”, Sam’s brow furrowed. He should feel Cas, even if the angel wasn’t answering. How…” Dean’s thoughts were in tatters.

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