arctic iris seeds

Plant Iris reticulata bulbs 3 inches deep and other iris bulbs 4-6 inches deep. 48". The general rule of thumb is to plant three times as deep as the bulb’s vertical diameter. The iris was also known as the Fleur-de-lis—France’s national symbol. Vigorous grower and free bloomer. $3.00. It is a perennial growing to 0.6 meter by 1 meter. Northern Blue Flag Iris seed (Iris versicolor) - perennial – 50 seeds- perfect for fall/spring planting FoothillGardensCT. The iris then can represent a happy reincarnation. It is in flower in June, and the seeds … Back to Previous Page. From Carl Salbach catalog 1943: ARCTIC (Kleinsorge). Iris setosa seed ~73,000 seeds per pound Knik Germplasm wild iris 2. Iris setosa, the Arctic Iris, is native to the northern parts of North American and into Asia. Perennial Native Wildflower 5 Rare Seeds … Very large white with shading of gold throughout the center of the flower. From Milliken Iris Gardens catalog, 1948: ARCTIC … The flowers are consisting of 3 sepals and 3 petals. Native Alaskan Iris with variable dark-veined blue standards and falls in June, followed by interesting seed pods. They are borned on a small erect stem, about 18 inches high. Arctic Iris; Arctic Iris Iris setosa. Wild Iris in production at the Alaska Plant Materials Center, Palmer. From shop FoothillGardensCT ... ARCTIC BLUE FLAG Iris Setosa, Very Hardy! Click pic for larger version! The blue flowers have darker veins. Related Plants (within genus) Dwarf Blue Bearded Iris Drought tolerant once established. Requires moist soil and is very hardy. Goddess Iris was to guide souls, after death, between the worlds. Plant … Dig holes spaced 4-6 inches apart.

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