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One of the biggest things to look out for when compressing your bass is over-compression. ! Learn about specific compression techniques that you can put into practice. Audio Compression ! A compressor is a device that reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal. The threshold of human hearing is typically 0dB at 1000Hz, meaning that you won’t be able to hear anything quieter than that, and the threshold of pain is around 140dB at 1000Hz. Here are the following values that will read out if you apply different ratios: Attack determines how many milliseconds (ms) it takes your compressor to apply a full dose of compression to your audio signal once it passes the threshold. The only way for you to hear them is if they yell louder than the people in the crowd. Compression amplification is a means for fitting the world of sound (the elephant) into the narrow dynamic range of the individual with hearing impairment (suitcase). This means that most of your samples are coming straight off of Splice. Some people find learning how to use compression problematic. “Brick wall limiting” is a term you’ve probably heard tossed around before. Any audio signal running through your compressor that peaks above -20dB will be compressed. It does this by attenuating the volume of loud sounds (downwards compression), or by amplifying quiet sounds (upwards compression). xl0TU��3�Jt�n#i�!���38�L�*��8��*xO���*6]�EM�%�I�o����{���sV�J q���3\y�N-�Z졼fY��$T����E^�#�K�4�:��� )��b-{�g������Ղ�s ��"O�in��y���U���ޯh�"n 2��J*"p�&:���V�"�`�5����ܗ*m��� �&�E���ӌ����7��*a~;����y���Te,f&�d�rɹ� B.ɸO;6٤v���e�6fg@>g����V�S����I}�e��u���a� �sX�W��=!h͎A��І�)k�Ҏ=�ߨ����_J:�T,��Sz��{���T2Y�C��ܨ�di�l�������Oí�8���;S�{p�&%G�J�J�md�� �������h�qC���Tܧ��%�T�K��Gz�n����e�������o�2�eX�e:�yX���i����j���� =U* �B3� I've kept these diagrams as simplified as possible with the sole intention of demonstrating what's happening to the audio signal (green) as it moves above and below the threshold (red). The important thing to take away from this example is that the dB level of a sound is not what’s solely important in your ability to perceive it; the ratio of the sound to the noise floor is equally as important; this ratio is referred to as dynamic range. Nothing happens to the audio signal as it approaches the threshold, but as soon as it crosses the threshold, it's immediately attenuated based on the ratio you've set. In the image above, this range is indicated by the dashed purple lines. You can think of downwards expansion as the opposite of upwards compression. dBFS is a unit of measurement for amplitude in digital systems that have a defined maximum peak level (like your DAW). Learn how to improve your listening environment by placing your desk and speakers correctly within your studio. However, compression makes sounds quiet and increases headroom. ! If you’d like to learn more about parallel processing and parallel compression you can read my guide on How to Use Parallel Processing to Simplify Mixing. Finally, let’s get to that earth-shattering article I mentioned at the beginning of this guide. For the rest of this guide, I’ll be talking about dBFS which stands for decibel units relative to full scale. The second compressor is there to thicken up the tail end of the vocals while leaving the transients untouched. Reducing 800 Hz takes out the cheap sound of an acoustic guitar as well as reduce the DI sound of plugged in acoustic guitars. If you match the peak output level of your audio signal pre and post-compressor, the compressed version will sound louder. In the digital realm, CPU load plays a big factor in how your plugins perform. When you enable sidechain mode on an audio device, you tell it to respond to an external input instead of the audio that’s running through it. As the audio signal increases throughout the range, the ratio increases. The following diagrams demonstrate various types of compression and expansion taking place. This handbook is designed to provide the reader with a working knowledge of compression amplification: what it … I’ve also seen compressors that have the ability to automatically set attack times; although this is less common. People commonly use compression on basslines to even out their level. I’ve used 2-3 Pro-L 2s in a row, each performing mild limiting, and the final result was heavy limiting that sounded more natural than one limiter acting on its own. When trying to distinguish a sound from its surroundings, a phenomenon called masking may occur, significantly increasing your minimum hearing threshold.

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