best potting soil for banana tree

Starting with the right soil for a banana plant is at least as important as how you fertilize the plant. At one time I had over 70 adult plants … Soil for Bananas. They appear to enjoy a fast draining soil and that has been my personal experience with the 10 or so species I've grown when we lived in Florida. Bananas also prefer slightly acidic soil… This potting mix is the best potting soil designed specifically for succulents and contains reed sedge peat moss, erlite, sand, limestone, pine bark and Canadian sphagnum peat moss. This natural and organic potting soil from Fox Farms is designed for container plants. It’s ready to use straight from the bag. This unique blend is light and airy, providing exceptional drainage to plants … The soil should be well-drained, as the banana likes lots of water but dislikes soggy feet. Whether you’re planting indoors or outdoors. And it contains a … As for soil, in many countries where these are native they grow in a soil that is mixed with sand.

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