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Can I find this resource in other languages? Let me know if that works. There is really nothing else like what DW offers and I am glad we have it. As such, German language courses remain a fast and efficient way to improve your German language knowledge as required from universities. To say just get a girlfriend devalues all the hours and hard work I studied to pass the test. My favorites are Terra X and [Planet-e] ( both have very good subtitles on most videos. Placed in A2 and I would have gotten on the right planes and whatnot, it's mostly the articles/genders I screwed up. Because it's aimed at young kids they'll use simple words and easy to understand sentences. I believe most novices feel overwhelmed in every situation, field, theme, subject, what have you. Have you thought about looking into German schools that specifically teach German? Throughout the variety of exercises in … It should go as follows: Mono-Dictionary (plus example sentences) > Another Mono-Dictionary (plus more example sentences) > Synonyms > Google Images > read the sentence once more to see if you can understand without translating > translate only to confirm your guesses. I know there are some by Andre Klein, and some on I have had fantastic results learning German with these two. This is a preference thing I suppose. They are both children's shows, but they actually have interesting topics (how does a touch screen work? If you find their website good, I really recommend dropping them an e-mail and saying thanks. Olle Kjellin's Audacity Method is great with any language. I chose Germany because I wanted to learn German and learn more about the history and culture. Get literature and music in German and also in your native tongue. Thanks for sharing your experience and resources! Because you already learned "verbalized" German, making the step up to nominalized German is cake. Furthermore, I still make many grammatical mistakes when I speak. It is not recommended to learn every single nuance of every verb but rather the general grasp of the meaning and move on. I've told myself I want to learn German but I've been very slow about it. /r/German is a community focused on discussion related to learning the German language. The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, write, and understand basic German in no time edit.1: added more dictionaries and tips to save time when searching 1000+ words weekly. English will be easiest, since Germany has those 2 as its official languages. However people that were in my class who have a German SO are now almost fluent. They enjoy yelling at people who are doing something wrong but you will never see them compliment or say Hallo to a stranger. Some of the links link to other lists (Radio D etc), The german readers from Andre Klein are quite good too. Which resources are best? But these 8000 should be your goal and it is a goal every aspiring German learner wants to achieve. That's it! By taking the time to discover the best German language podcasts out there, you can give yourself freedom to study German without interrupting your daily routine. Paul Noble German is a good introduction to German grammar, although because he doesn't focus on pronunciation I'd look at something else first. German is a verb language and then and only then a noun language. Stop worrying about how much you improve. is an excellent resource in terms of online dictionary stuff. "Was bedeutet das?" come to Germany :)). Hopefully you can find someone who really wants to help you learn their language. Well that was unexpectedly motivating. Of course my previous experience helped but it was very ineffective. Also children's stories :, I just bought a book titled Dichter, Denker, und Erzähler I really like the format its all in German with foot notes for the words someone at the books level might not know and a dictionary of all word in the book in the back. To each their own. 2.1. These books are a nice way to pick up vocabulary, sentence structure, some German idioms, etc. Anne Will has also subtitles but they are not one-to-one like DW. You'll find answers on this in here. Play with the shortcuts You will spare microseconds that will add up and it is really draining if you always have to use your mouse. I hope you enjoy them. Whenever you want to search a word press CMD+1 (or CTRL+1 for windows/linux users perhaps) and it will jump to the tab and you can begin typing without having to re-highlight the word since majority of the dictionary websites use a Javascript to make for quick searching. Plus, the nuances are very hard to learn without translating. Deutsche Welle: DW offers multiple courses from A1-B2. BUT it usually comes with a preposition just like in English: I am waiting FOR someone. It's great. Now, we’re not saying that learning German will turn you into a Mozart (although, who knows :)) However, you’ll be able to understand more of their creative and thinking process by learning the language. Best of all, German institutions are ranked as one of the top schools around ... because they’re world’s greatest thinkers, innovators, and leaders in our lifetime. Memorize these. 1. is my go-to online dictionary - very strong on idioms and connotations. They are also available as podcasts for iPhone users. smarterGerman. I applied to 2-year Master programs (in English) in Germany in the hopes of learning German in my free time. Even if your comment was meant as a joke it's totally true. Props for your motivation, and vielen vielen Dank for taking the time to share. I would have not passed the DSH test if I didn't spend the 3-4 weeks just doing practice tests. I started reading your post and clicked on the first link you have for a workbook and ended up reading the whole first section before moving on to the rest of the your post! You have to ask yourself what is your underlying goal: TestDaF? Specifically the Video-Thema (B2/C1 level) and Top-Thema (B1 level).

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