clinical nurse specialist courses

The 12,000-word dissertation gives you … A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is a senior nursing position that has specialised knowledge in acute care. These specialty areas are based on specific patient populations, treatment modalities, or diagnoses. Many clinical nurse specialist graduate programs hold accreditation through The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Because MSN programs use undergraduate courses as their building blocks, certain prerequisites apply. The course begins with the core modules Measurement and Evaluation for Healthcare Practice and Developing Professional Leadership. The student will choose one of the following populations: adult/gerontology, pediatric, maternal/infant, or psychiatric/mental health. The theory courses vary by population focus and must provide content across the continuum from wellness through acute care for the selected population. The Value of Clinical Nurse Specialists to the US Healthcare System. To become a clinical nurse you must be a registered nurse with a relevant postgraduate Some of the more popular CNS credentials include women’s health, emergency, oncology, or pain management. For those holding a BSN, graduate school prerequisites might look similar to this: Clinical Nurse Specialist Requirements. The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists is a trade organization that has additional information on education, licensure, training, and employment opportunities ( As direct care providers, clinical nurse specialists perform health assessments, order diagnostic and laboratory tests and, in some cases, prescribe medications and provide pharmacologic and nonpharmacological treatments. As part of the advanced practice nurse community, clinical nurse specialists must have a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree with a specialty in a particular area, like acute care or school health. The plan for theory course work must be approved by the CNS option coordinator. The Clinical Nursing MSc course is a flexible study pathway that builds on your existing clinical experience and skills, enabling you to lead and support the development and subsequent delivery of evidence-based practice. A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) is an advanced practice nursing professional who has trained extensively in a specialty practice area. The Clinical Nurse Specialist Postgraduate Certificate is designed to provide advanced practice preparation as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) to nurses who hold a Master’s degree in Nursing and are prepared for other roles or population groups. A CNS’s role involves using research to improve clinical practice, lead and educate staff, and analyse complex health problems in their chosen field.

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