colorado winter car kit

Before you begin your drive, make sure all of the following are in safe operating condition: Consider having the following items in your vehicle in case of an emergency:,, Sturdy scraper/snow brush/snow shovel to clear snow, Flashlight with extra batteries or crank-powered flashlight, Flares/reflectors to signal for help and warn other motorists, Battery or crank-powered radio to listen to emergency broadcasts. The unexpected can happen when snow and ice are on the road — take extra precautions to prepare you and your vehicle for winter road conditions. Blanket(s). Safe Winter Driving Tips Winter Car Care Things you should know about winter tires Emergency Kit In case of a breakdown it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Fill up that washer fluid — and keep a spare jug in the trunk. By Daniel J. Schneider. It’s called a winter car survival kit. Don't leave your car if you become stranded. Road flares, or reflective or battery-operated LED markers. That last one, the whistle? If you are going to put a propane heater or candles in your car winter emergency kit, you must also include a CO detector. Visit our new CPR Shop and get items such as face masks, shirts and hats. If your car … Jumper cables. Let's face it, sometimes things go pear-shaped. Here is short list of car emergency kits we are offering to our customers: winter car emergency kits, vehicle emergency kits, emergency road assistance kits, road traveler kit, Severe Weather Winter Travel Kit AAA-approved , Piece Severe Weather Winter Travel Kit AAA-approved, Roadside Emergency Kit, Economy Auto Emergency Kit… Keep a box in your car boot stocked with plasters, bandages, pain relief and antiseptic spray or wipes. But there are some essential winter items you need to carry once the temperature … Here’s What The Experts Recommend, Colorado Has Gained Back Thousands Of Jobs Lost Early In The Pandemic, But Construction Jobs Still Lag Behind. But putting your own roadside assistance kit together has some valuable benefits. When traveling downhill, if possible, switch to a lower gear, and gently tap your brakes. Even if you're studied up and sure you have the driving skills necessary to tackle snowy and icy roads. "That was more of a Mother Nature situation.". Bonus points if your emergency gloves have pockets for them. Build Your Winter Emergency Car Kit: Make Sure You And Your Ride Are Colorado Ready. And don't drive sleepy — that's never good, but it's worse on snow and ice. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office sent its Snowcat out to rescue stranded motorists — and saw many more abandoned vehicles along the way. These are small and can easily be kept in your trunk. Carry a backup battery if you can, and make sure it's also charged. Winter Car Emergency Kit. Electric or battery-powered air pump or, at least, canned tire inflator. Cloth or paper towels, toilet paper, hand sanitizer. Tow strap (leave tow chains to the pros) — try to get one 20 feet or longer. If you encounter a multi-car collision, stay in your car. More complete tool kit. Be aware some of the newest vehicles use laminated window glass, Printed maps and compass. Go to The unexpected can happen when snow and ice are on the road — take extra precautions to prepare you and your vehicle for winter road conditions. Road flares can be a fire hazard, especially in windy conditions —. In case you scanned over the tires bit, let's reinforce here that they are the single most important thing for your winter driving safety: "The number one mistake is driving in winter and blizzard conditions with improper tires," Sellers says. Consider the preparedness lists below to stay ready for winter weather. Heavy wool is best for warmth and still works when wet; reflective or survival type blankets make for good, highly visible outer layers. Take the late-November snowstorm that pummeled the Front Range and, a few days later, left hundreds stranded in the South Park valley. "Flares work best to attract attention and alert others that you are stranded.". "We so often see roads being closed by motorists driving with bald tires. A Swiss Army knife or Leatherman-type multitool will work for starters (read on for more about tools). Vehicle escape tool, such as Lifehammer, Resqme or similar, with a window breaker and a seatbelt cutter. In winter driving that mostly means getting stuck — whether for a minute, for hours, or even for days. Choose nonperishable, long-lasting things like granola or energy bars. I highly recommend that drivers keep their survival kits inside the cab of the vehicle instead of the trunk. Small gas can (if you do run out, don't be a hostage to "renting" one from a filling station). Take a little extra time to clear your car of snow and ice before leaving for your destination. We're talking wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and so one. But sometimes it can't be helped, and then it's important to have what you need in case things go wrong. The Lookout daily email brings you a closer look at the issues that affect you with a rundown of important fact-based reporting — with a side of Colorado flavor. "In winter conditions, especially if it's a blizzard, it's safe to say that others will likely not hear a whistle. Whether you’re a native, a new resident, or a tourist, driving in Colorado winter weather can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. But when they do, now you can be prepared for (almost) anything. Every car should have an emergency kit that includes supplies such as jumper cables and first-aid supplies. Tailor it to the … There are three actions you do most when you drive: . Brush the snow off of ALL of your car — don't be that person on the highway with snow on the roof making it impossible for anyone behind you to see! When driving at night, keep your headlight beams low. Socks. Colorado Will Try To Stop The Bleeding With A Modest Stimulus, Gov. Non-clumping cat litter, sand, traction mats or other traction aids. Do you still have room in your emergency bag or trunk? And this kit will help you survive should you not be able to get your vehicle unstuck. Load your car with winter travel gear: tire chains, … Unemployment And Housing Benefits Are Expiring. Proceeds from every purchase go to support the news and music you love. Without question, every car on Colorado’s winter roads should have a survival kit that sits in the trunk or beneath the seats 24/7: Candles Cat Litter (for trekking over ice) Cell Phone Cloth (brightly colored, for signaling help) Chemical hand warmers. Non-clumping kitty litter/sand for traction, Deck of cards or board game for entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Battery booster/jumper box (keep it charged). If you've never driven in winter conditions before, or don't feel comfortable doing it, you could also consider a winter driving course — one of the country's best is in Colorado. It would be a better bet to use your horn or flash your lights if you need to attract attention to your stranded vehicle," CDOT's Sellers says. Check road conditions in advance — traffic and mapping mobile apps, news websites, radio reports and especially. Sometimes there's no amount of preparation that can keep you from getting stuck, says Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Mike Taplin. You’re safer in your car than outside of it. Keep a basic winter survival kit in your vehicle: flashlight, batteries, blanket, snacks, water, gloves, boots, first-aid kit.

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