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The openness of the N8 seemed to pull her voice through the signal chain in a really appealing way. Typically, I would high-pass these at 150 Hz, and do nothing else. A few of AEA’s mic designs, such as the R84, tend to be based around more classic, vintage ribbon mics such as the RCA 44. Anne is a great singer. AEA N8 Ribbon Microphone Features: ... Based on 2 reviews. vein. reproduction that this mic promises – that’s not really the case. The mics share identical electronics, but the difference in voicing, and thus placement, is achieved acoustically inside the mics, making for two tonally similar mics for two different applications. I love when a recording chain is so real it fools your senses. We would then position Anne to "EQ" the guitar — to her left if we needed more bass and the opposite direction for less boom. This enabled me to capture Charlie's intense dynamic and articulate badassery like I would have at home. However, this ribbon mic, has a more basic and stripped-back, cylindrical design. Well, inside a ribbon mic you quite literally have a strip of ribbon metal, usually aluminum, which works with the magnetic field to produce an alternating current or signal. produces quality sound. With the compressor in bypass, the room sound was delicately clear and natural. Aea n8 ribbon - Die besten Aea n8 ribbon ausführlich verglichen! Think The Birthday Party meets Gang of Four fronted by Diamanda Galás and Robert Plant's pot-selling runaway daughter. I'll get to this in a later review, but this is a great compressor in the "is this thing on?" upgrade from your standard ribbon mic. This multi-pattern, large-diaphragm condenser mic is hefty and appears to be very solidly made. Das Top Produkt ließ alle hinter sich zurück. Bei uns sehen Sie zu Hause absolut nur die Produkte, die unseren wirklich strengen Anforderungen standhalten konnten. The N8 shares the N22’s body and grille construction, although it has a black rather than silver finish. The AEA N8 is the first ribbon mic I've used that doesn't suffer from any of the typical shortcomings of most ribbons. These mics became the core of his live sound and never even broke a sweat. Both the N8 and N22 mics are a joy to use, and I'm privileged to have them. top end. On piano, this mic slays. So what is a ribbon mic, and how does it differ from conventional dynamic microphone? Die Betreiber dieses Portals begrüßen Sie zu Hause zum großen Produktvergleich. The sound is decidedly folk in the classic sense. Gegen unseren Testsieger sollte kein anderes Produkt gewinnen. It gives me plenty of output, so it works great with any preamp. One of the many things I love about owning a studio and making records is the bonding we do with our clients during the intense collaborations we call record-making. It sounds a lot like a classic ribbon mic with a little boost in the Positioning it overhead the snare by about 3 to 4 feet means it will capture all the drums and cymbals with clarity. I also love this mic on strings! It’s great for replicating that old-school soul sound or if you’re looking to make a few hip-hop loops. I used the mic's proximity effect to our advantage to get a deep low-end while still picking up tons of detail in the mids while bowing. Burl Audio, under the direction of owner/designer Rich Williams, has developed some of the best new recording equipment over the last eight years. AEA have designed a pretty cool shock mount which attaches to the N8 to help keep down any unwanted noise in the off chance of movement. Way back in June 2011, AEA founder Wes Dooley showed up at High Bias with a trunk full of his company's mics. There are legends in microphone technology, and there are legends in microphone technology. Engineers in both the studio and on the scoring stage who use the R88 desired a mono version that was more discreet, lightweight and easier to position. When... A shotgun shell — an actual shotgun shell, from a 12 gauge shotgun — turned into a microphone. AEA continue their quest to modernise the ribbon mic, with this worthy addition to their new Nuvo range. A three-mic drum session happened off the cuff here for an auxiliary drum overdub. I'd love to take the credit, but it was the N8! The N8 also shares the N22’s ribbon dimensions, transformer, and active transformerless electronics. Adam is a bona fide guitar hero, and his tone has a lot going on effects-wise — not to mention his volume tops out around 115 dB SPL!

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