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Didn't he used to multiply gold find on stun, which now appears to be a flat 100% multiplier? The size of the shield is relative to the remaining health of the boss monster he stunned. It also locks you out of using Gromma in Arctic as a support with Nrakk. I think youre underestimating Cattie now. Zorbu's 3rd slot is his most important, followed by his 4th. Is this just a visual thing, or is it actually not increasing the percentage for Lifelong Enemies? Also, I read all the Drizzt books so nuh! base, plus 25% (multiplicative) per mob hit with Marked for Death or that has been stunned by Marked for Death. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. This is a nice damage bonus against boss stages, where the last mob tends to be the boss and it becomes easy to apply MfD. #6. Here it's difficult to get everything with Drizzt. Companions of the Hall are now a great formation! Each Companions adds 2,414 to the heal. There is no item support sadly for this buff. Not only does Wulfgar come with an actual tanking buff, but he shields himself on the most important encounters; namely the boss fights. Lastly, it's more difficult to debuff swap in a Drizzt formation. Nrakk will buff each of Zorbu's abilities, A well-crafted Drizzt formation in Sword Coast, Another fit for Drizzt in Tomb of Annihilation. In all, Drizzt players will need to use him and find him a good option in the slot; other DPS will need to do their own evaluation and will probably opt for a different champion in the slot. Video. The biggest stun value of mobs will take precendence. Oh wait, wrong story. It just doesn't. Putting in Catti is a no-brainer over Minsc, and Jarlaxle/Asharra are also on the chopping block to be replaced by Catti-Brie and most likely Zorbu. Further compounding this, Regis' heal does not scale; there's no gear to support it so he'll be stuck at 2,400 per Companion until a level cap increase. He'll probably be the best Slot 1 champion in terms of increasing DPS while also providing a Gold Find bonus. Both Nrakk and Drizzt have enough Wisdom for this; so Nrakk buffs two powerhouses in your formation. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. There's several requirements that basically hard coded in getting the most out of Drizzt. 4 is possible in a select few formations. Compounding this, Companions of the Hall are VERY formation-dependent. I tried this myself with higher Lifelong Enemies kills, and they still stay the same with or without Nrakk. It's quite a large buff. 150/175 ?!?! ), which means it's almost always on when fighting armored enemies. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The combination gives quite a bit of scaling with both gear and time, which will rival Arkhan's scaling with Usurped Power. This is a straight buff to Regis, as his Self DPS never really mattered. Seriously, they've got some power behind them, and if you've got access to both Nrakk and Zorbu, it's even more. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The decreased attack timer will allow you to put up more Marked for Death, which translates to more damage. Realistically, you can only expect a maximum of 3 here, with 2 being the usual amount. Her buff is far outweighing the buff I get from Minsc, not that minsc is a great buffer but when you have that extra slot open and need a champion hes the go to imo. This leaves little room for further expansion, and as new event champions come up, players may be forced to miss out on interesting abilities and characters. The comparison without Zorbu/Nrakk is e5 less - and my Zorbu lacks Lifelong Enemy kills and an epic item slot 3, which means the more optimal formation has some room to grow. New players that just unlock him will most likely find him a nice upgrade even with just the starting champions available. His heal at best is only 10k every 15 seconds (that's with a knockback or more enemies approaching) whereas other healers in the slot will heal continuously without conditionals. This choice is pretty much a no-brainer. The star of the show (or at least a bunch of books nobody has read... ever). Not all. and yes,zorbu as is a great boost support to Drizzt. Overall, this represents a slight nerf as not all strikes from Drizzt will be from Icingdeath. Verdict: 6/10Regis is more useful, but his usefulness outside of Drizzt formations will heavily depend on gear. While it's not game-breaking (and quite tedious to perform), it still exists. RA Salvatore, The Crystal Shard (1988) One of the most-requested characters we've ever had for Idle Champions finally arrives with Wintershield 3 later this week. Gromma (Arctic) is also an option, but do note that her Arctic Breeze debuff isn't affected by Nrakk but Grandmotherly Love is. Secondly, not every formation will lend itself to a well-crafted Companions lineup. View Mobile … Ruby Invigoration Increases your gold find by 100% and causes Regis to heal the formation when it comes under attack for an amount based on the number of Companions in the formation. This limits Nrakk's potential interactions for champions in Column 4. Keep in mind that this DOES factor in Ruby Weakness, as I'm comparing the BUD amounts. I applaud CNE for utilizing this solution. Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Champions in regular new events. His buffs are certainly better than Celeste's when you factor in Ruby Weakness, but my opinion is that there are simply better options in the slot unless you are dedicated to Drizzt. This compounds with Clangeddin's Will if you are using Companions of the Hall as your DPS. While not an optimal DPS, she certainly does well to hold her own with just Bruenor in formation. Drow Stalker now increases Drizzt's DPS by 200%. As your roster expands, so too will his DPS. im getting a full e2 difference between running her over minsc. (I think I've barely gotten that FormationsCeleste - 1.42e127Regis - 5.42e127 This is to show a comparison of Regis vs Celeste with just Bruenor as a Companion. Even if you've been living under a rock, you've at least heard about Avengers and are aware of their existence. So basically you just need to get where he is and do the right things? Using Wulfgar means excluding Tyril, who is a very large buffer. Personally I think dropping Celeste for Regis is a no brainer now. The heal is only large with additional Companions; Regis alone will heal for 2,414. This buff does not stack, but refreshes the charges on a new critical hit. There's certainly a power expansion curve with using him, and it feels good as a player to add a character like Catti-Brie and watch Drizzt gain in power as well. For Drizzt users, Wulfgar is a non-choice. His DPS bonus via Long Lost Companions is literally just that - a bonus. I managed to get it to e49, but failed to take a screenshot showcasing it.Nayeli Hit w/Bugged DPS - 3.37e47. Enemies slowed by his ultimate take 200% additional damage. The heal is large, but has a 15 second cooldown and only triggers when the formation becomes under attack, not while it is already under attack. Instead of one per-mob tanking buff, it's increased to two. Then you also gain increased chances to stun enemies, a bigger Companions buff, and more Gold Find. She attacks two different targets before Drizzt attacks, and I've had him attack a third target a few times at least. Drizzt included, as soon as you unlock his quest. Bruenor is a top-tier buffer, so there's absolutely zero reason to exclude him from a Companions formation. 3. Overwhelm Point: 20 Basic Attack Wulfgar smashest the nearest group of enemies (small aoe) with a 20% chance to stun every enemy struck for 5 seconds. That does sound hard. You can unlock him by meeting the requirements. At level cap, this amounts to 1.54e5 (!) Base Nayeli hit, no MfD - 1.92e46Nayeli hit, MfD only - 7.26e46Nayeli hit post-stun - 1.78e47 While you don't gain the full buff when she's benched (I'm unsure why), you do gain about a 10x increase if the enemy has been stunned from MfD. His only downside (if you can call it that) is that he doesn't have the exceptional ability scaling that an event champion would; however he'll gain item levels via normal chests which will more than make up for it.

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