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Fairport Convention have released almost 30 studio albums, but. Comes from England, but worth the wait. –1970s It has the magnificent ‘Sloth’ on it. Highlights include the opening pair of covers – Emmitt Rhodes’ ‘Time Will Show The Wiser’ and Mitchell’s ‘I Don’t Know Where I Stand’ – both delivered with enthusiasm. Definitely a great centre for talent. Fairport Convention are the focal point for British folk rock of their generation. Lead guitarist Richard Thompson and drummer Martin Lamble joined the group, along with vocalists Judy Dyble and Iain Matthews. The addition of Dave Swarbrick’s fiddle gives the band extra firepower, and his duels with Richard Thompson’s lead guitar are magical. Although it’s since been recognised as a folk-rock landmark, Rolling Stone magazine were lukewarm to Liege & Lief on release; John Mendelsohn wrote that “the majority of the material on Lief was provided by the English Folk Dance & Song Society Library at Cecil Sharp House, which should make the album endlessly enticing to all you musicologists out there.” He also noted that “Lief is a nice album to put on to accompany sitting by the fireplace or staring vacantly at a candle flame.”. I consider Full House on same level as the great Denny-era albums (as well as the live album, House Full). While they started their career as a sixties folk-rock band, like a London equivalent to Jefferson Airplane, they started reaching through the archives of British folk songs and electrifying them. Sandy Denny joined the band before What We Did On Our Holidays, sharing vocals with Ian Matthews; she’s a sublime singer, and her sole writing credit ‘Fotheringay’ opens the album on a confident note. The first five albums released by Fairport Convention. While the record was dominated by traditional tunes, especially the lengthy ‘Matty Groves’ and ‘Tam Lin’, the group’s original compositions fit into the record’s ancient feel. –1960s –2010s The first of three (!!) No arguments from me about this being the ideal entry point into the Fairport discography for newbies. Genesis (added trio years) There’s obviously a ton of potential here, and some great moments, but Fairport Convention is unfocused and inconsistent enough that it’s more interesting as a plot of the group’s rapid development than as a strong record in its own right. Half of the song is given over to Swarbrick and Thompson’s jamming. Never too late. While they started their career as a sixties folk-rock band, like a London equivalent to Jefferson Airplane, they started reaching through the archives of British folk songs and electrifying them. Really enjoyed the read… and it put me in a Fairport mood so thanks for that! I don’t think Matthews’ albums are anything revolutionary, but I like him – nice mellow singer-songwriter sounds. I have followed Richard Thompson’s career though. Great review. Yeah and no kidding on the “centre for talent”. Or maybe the song is a tribute to Jeanne Franklyn – the line “And will you never cut the cloth” can be interpreted as a reference to her work as a tailor. ( Log Out /  ‘Percy’s Song’ is the only track to feature Matthews – he left during the sessions to form Matthews Southern Comfort. A significant piece from 1969’s second record, Unhalfbricking, was ‘A Sailor’s Tale’, their first electrification of a British folk song. –2000s These days I’m more of a Pentangle and Bert Jansch fan, but Liege and Lief was a pivotal record, for sure. The obvious classic on Unhalfbricking is Sandy Denny’s ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes?’, a subtle yet universal torch song. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. score: 14 of 28 (50%) required scores: 1, 2, 9, 21, 28 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. Cool thing about doing these takes, you never know who’s going to bite. Folk rock’s defining moment came as Fairport Convention nailed the spirit of rock to the rickety table of folk. Fairport Convention's seventh studio album is an unusual concept album about an historical figure named John Lee. Blog Posts The most influential vocalist in the history of British folk, both solo and via her work with the Strawbs, Fairport Convention, and Fotheringay. Wonder if they would have stayed together longer if they’d taken some time out. As you know, G., I’m not partial to rankings or absolutes. Not one but five full albums for less than the price just one would cost! Fairport Convention isn’t a focused debut, with a slightly confused mix of styles and sources, with covers of Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Emmitt Rhodes songs, along with a somewhat incongruous mixture of originals. Fairport Convention: Liege & Lief (1969) . "Unhalfbricking" and "Lieg and Leif" are probably their two best albums, included in this set. Why Liege & Lief is Fairport Convention’s Best Album. Is that better? Liege & Lief is included in the original edition of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Bassist Ashley Hutchings and rhythm guitarist Simon Nicol formed Fairport Convention in 1967. The covers of Joni Mitchell’s never released ‘Eastern Rain’ and Dylan’s ‘I’ll Keep It With Mine’ are highlights, and while the covers of the traditional folk material aren’t as revolutionary, along with ‘Fotheringay’ they point the direction forward for the group. The group’s fourth album, Liege & Lief, was released in December 1969, and is credited as the first electric British folk-rock album. Ashley Hutchings also left to form Steeleye Span, and was replaced by Dave Pegg, a more capable bass player, leaving Fairport Convention with an extremely impressive lineup of musicians. Fiddler Dave Swarbrick was also bought on board as an official member, leading the group into a more folk-focused sound. Fairport Convention are the focal point for British folk rock of their generation. This salacious murder ballad was a great candidate for the full electric treatment. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The band’s turnover was so dramatic that you need a list to keep it straight – these are the personnel during their initial 1968-1970 period: Richard Thompson – guitar, vocal (1967–) Ashley Hutchings – bass guitar (1967–1969) Simon Nicol – guitar, lead vocal (1967–) Dave Pegg – bass guitar, mandolin, backing vocal (1969–) Martin Lamble – drums (1967–1969; died 1969) Judy Dyble – vocal, autoharp, piano, recorder (1967–1968) Ian Matthews (also known as Ian MacDonald) – vocal (1967–1969) Sandy Denny – vocal, guitar, piano (1968–1969) Dave Swarbrick – fiddle, mandolin, vocal (1969–) Dave Mattacks – drums (1969–). Thompson’s opener ‘Genesis Hall’ is another highlight, a hyper-melodic folk piece,  while there’s a wonderful cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Percy’s Song’, with Denny and Ian Matthews harmonising. This lineup of Fairport Convention didn’t last long – before Liege & Lief was released, two key members had already left. Overlooked Gem: What We Did On Our Holidays. ( Log Out /  CB just doesn’t pull them out enough. Sort of like fishing. I think there’s a strong argument that the records with Denny and Thompson in the band are the peak. ( Log Out /  Great analysis and song choices. Blog Posts They’re very good but those early ones with Thompson &/or Denny are untouchable.

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