früh kölsch cologne

We stopped at Früh am Dom, probably the most famous beer house in Cologne, for a refreshing Kölsch. Früh Kolsch Cölner Hofbräu Früh ( German pronunciation: [ˈkœlnɐ ˈhoːfbʁɔʏ ˈfʁyː] ; or just Früh ) is a private brewery for top-fermented beer called Kölsch . Steps away from Cologne’s famous Cathedral – the Dom – Brauhaus Früh am Dom serves Kolsch to hordes of locals and tourists alike. Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG in Cologne-Feldkassel brews and loads thousands of litres of Kölsch every day. Real hard work for Linde's lithium-ion forklifts, … 5% ABV Früh Kölsch, Cölner Hofbräu Früh. [2] [3] The brewery was founded in Cologne in 1904 [4] by Peter Joseph Früh. About 20 different brands of Kölsch are produced by 10 different breweries around Cologne. Kölsch (German pronunciation: ) is a style of beer originating in Cologne, Germany.It has an original gravity between 11 and 14 degrees Plato (specific gravity of 1.044 to 1.056). Since then, it has been standing for Cologne hospitality opposite Cologne Cathedral, for over 100 years of Cologne's history and more than 100 years of family tradition - and above all, for more than 100 years of delicious Kölsch beer. Drink a cold Kölsch in Cologne. Typisch kölsche Geschenke und Assessoires Ihrer Lieblings-Biermarke Früh Kölsch. In appearance, it is bright and clear with a straw-yellow hue. The Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG has been around for over 100 years. Some are huge holding as many as 1000 people and spill out onto the squares with outside seatubg. The three largest brands are made by private family breweries – Gaffel, Früh and Reissdorf. For the best place to taste Früh Kölsch and experience authentic German pub food, this traditional brauhaus is a must-visit. Die FRÜH Gastronomie bietet traditionelle Brauhaus Gastronomie, Veedels-Kneipen-Kultur, Restaurant, Catering- und Veranstaltungs-Service, sowie ein Hotel direkt am Kölner Dom! Früh Kölsch Beer - a Kölsch style beer made in Cologne, NW by Früh. Saturday afternoon is beer time in Germany when it’s traditional to head to the beer houses (brauhauses).

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