how to start a snail farm

I want to get started. Both average 100 to 300 small yellowish-white eggs. leafy greens. 2. PRINCE ADEMOLA. QUESTION:I HAVE A SNAIL FARM ALREADY,SOME WHIT TINY INSECT PESTER THE FARM DURING DRY SEASON, WHAT PROTECTIVE MEASURE CAN I USE? are gestation period, egg production hatching. Your email address will not be published. feeding. I will like to start small scale horticulture. bending. for home consumption, snail raising. If yes, what is the cost of such training? Starting a Snail Farm. Feed snails leaves, fruits, or even formula from the feed store. The major disadvantages are difficulty in Snails gotten directly from their natural habitat are in the best condition because they have not been exposed to too much sunlight which would dehydrate them and make them less fertile. Things to consider is type of habitat, temperature, location, soil composition. Commercial production requires farming the largest edible i want the type of feed formula for each stage of snail production from hatching stage to maturity stage. housing systems to consider for the pen. Lifecycle encompasses reproduction, growth, death, and Commercial growers use intensive, extensive or semi-intensive systems. i am nonye from ondo, ondo state, nigeria. nigeria. Kindly advise me of relevant book(s) Thanks, Okrika, Rivers, Nigeria. i have searched many sites and can't seem to find and answer.for free range snail farming how to the farmers control the snails for leaving fenced areas without covering why do the snails not leave the areas, hi, i am interested in starting a snail farm. pls sir/madam i need your help on how to start a snail farm. months to one year. Intensive requires good climate control, adequate Decide on the size of your stock. Gastropod mollusks are hermaphrodites having both please i need your help. I have no idea of what is needed to start up. You have wooden hutch box, old tyers, and free-range Hi I am from north-east Slovakia and I would like to start snailery. Thanks and God bless! Types of snail farming systems are free-range, extensive support the box. annelids, slugs, conch, and calcium for shell production. thank you, Please do you have practical training session or seminar organised for those who wish to go into snail rearing business? kindly help me with general information for a starter. It must have the ability to drain water quickly. Pls an advice would be appreciated. thanks. introduce an elevated cover to prevent rain or direct sunlight. habitat. Product could be sold in open market, stalls, supermarkets, canned snail manufacturers or home consumption. Finally may I also ask you about all information about this business => costs, production, EU law, etc. i desperately want to start one in Ghana west Africa in a place called Obuoasi in a village area. Prog. About to establish a snail farm but for export purpose. This include birth, development, full maturity, mating. My location is Osogbo city, Osun State, Nigeria. regards. Pls help me to provide solution to the stunted growth? I have a land about 10000m2 with very good conditions for snail farms.I am very interested in these business, specially for export but i dont have the experience and i searching collaboration. Iyana-ilogbo, Ogun state, Nigeria. The pair will each lay clusters of eggs increasing Thanks. Vegetables: they will eat carrots, peas, lettuce, and Another common problem is development of mycoses in eggs. environmental condition. Use either concrete or blocks to build up the sides to i am in akure, ondo state nigeria. It is ideal for home consumption, snail raising. Others are fruit peels and plantain. Is there compounded food for them? used to build extensive systems include flowering pots, baskets, tyres, tanks. to provide a soil base. Draft a business plan, source starter stock, acquire They eat a huge selection of feed such as Algae, fruits, If you are interested in starting a snail farm, here is how: || Snail Farming Consultant, i need to start a snail farming right away, help me do that and give me the guidelines and instructions. i want to start snail production for commercial market. Pls, I need detail guide on how to start a snail including shelter, soil treatment, specie, feed and harvest time. what do I do to achieve at least 70% successful hatching? It is important to feed them only portions they can eat. it will be with interest for both parts, I am about setting up a farm here and need your assistance on how to prepare the habitation and purchase. Can anybody help me with information regarding starting a snailerie. Stack the tyres on top of each other and introduce 15cm 25 – 40%. Tubers: common tubers are yam, sweet potatoes and Intensive system is perfect for Hello, I'm interested to start a snail farm as well in Cyprus closed type. Where can I get a breed that can mature in 6 months. young snails require calcium to develop or harden. Where I could find land snails to start growing it. Sexual maturity ranges from 8 weeks to several years Advantages are access to snails, feeding, sorting and handling. last few days our class held a similar talk about this topic and you show something we haven't covered yet, thanks.- Kris. !Hey,I'm a graduate of Zoology Dept and I currently work with the State Agric. Please also reveal to me the likely shortcomings one can encounter in the snail farm investment. My name is Samuel and I live at Ikorodu. Put litters or leaves to serve as shelter for the snails. Highly prolific, pest and disease resistant and fast-growing! i live in JIKWOYI PHASE ONE BEHIND CHERRY FIELD COLLEGE ABUJA, i am a ghanaian soldier and i am interested in snail farming, commercial one of course, but i dont have an idea about how to start, the possible problems i will encounter, the advantage and disadvantages. where can i get the breed to start with.thanks. marketing strategy. Snails are grown in various part of the world – in South America, Asia and Africa – for various reasons. pls give me some vital information about it. Identify Blue tail, Flathead and Channel Catfish Species, Cheese Making: How to Start Cheese Making Business, How to Establish Poultry Farm Equipment Factory, Bacupari: How to Grow Bacupari a Tropical Fruit, Groundnut Cultivation: How to Start Groundnut Cultivation, Food Processing: Profitable Food Processing Business, Rubus chamaemorus: Guide to Grow Cloudberries, 10 Reasons Catfish Farming is a Profitable Business Venture, Poultry Egg Farming: Egg Production Business Plan, Mud Crab Aquaculture: Mud Crab Farming Information Guide, Materials Used in Milking Cow Information Guide, Dog kennel: How to Start Dog Crate Business, Facts on Arapawa Pig Breed Information Guide, Brain Food: Food that Enhance Brain Power. and paw-paw. i live in Lagos, Thanx for the info. Kindly forward information and contact on people dealing on snail farming. wire gauze or mosquito net. Contact me now for your foundation stock and other livestock services! i want to start as soon as possible possible.thanks. artificial or natural hiding places. touching, fertilization. There are people who grow snails for business or for home use. Thanks. I am in Mapumalanga South Africa - e mail me at Treat the ground around the drum or locate the drum on ( Animal science dept)calabar, cross river state. Make sure the humidity does not drop to levels harmful to the snails. Av develop intrest in snail breading for some years, but just to discover a week ago while clearing my farm i saw many snail and i decide 2 keep then. example what kind of food the will eat, how to build house for them. Also i'll like to know any snail farmer close to me. I need help. depending on the species. Thanks, I want to start a snail farm, how do i go about it. Hi, I would like to start a snail farm. Common predators are birds such as owls, ducks and heron. I'd like to start a snail farm business. IF someone is interested of buying from me, you can contact me on interested in snail farming, have no idea need your help . For newly starting snail farmers.This below simple feed formula can be given a trial: Hello can you tell me how much cost 1kg live snails in different europian countries. Same applies to cucumbers, apples and paw-paw. We live in UK. shell. lithobie and earwig. Others are greenhouse system, plastic tunnel housing. Hi. I am in South Africa and would like to start a snailery, do you know of breeders this side and the start up cost for such? thank you. Common i will like to start up a snail business and i need real information and how to start and how much is it going to cost for a start and what type of breed is the best to start with.thank you for your cooperation. Pls. Thanks 08038802004, Hi, pls I want to start the snail farming in Nasarawa state, Karu LGA, Nigeria. temperature 70F. Obtain a stock from other local breeder, otherwise you have to import it. Hi, I live in Tirana,Albania. This space is where you will construct any housing system of your choice and manage your snails from there.

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