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Community members voted New York City’s Dr. Mojgan Fajiram as the winner of the contest. 7, (2010). This ensures an adequate supply of resin to the lesion. Shivanna V, Shivakumar B. How Icon effectively infiltrates early caries With the onset of caries, cariogenic acids attack the enamel and draw out minerals. ead to continuous acid attack. 18. 25. Lovely straight teeth, covered in blemishes (Fig. Caries Res 2010;44:408-414. The demineralization/remineralization balance is influenced by many circumstances (Fig. 27. 14. Repeat the infiltration process with a new vestibular tip. You will quickly see why our patients are loyal to our dentists in Austin, Texas. The demineralization process begins with an acid attack (H+) and subsequent mineral loss (Ca+ and PO4) from the enamel surface of the tooth (Fig. Even non-cariogenic enamel changes can be treated with Icon. Icon is the product of the DMG for caries infiltration and stops early initial caries. Once in place the etch should be agitated with the brush tip as it will buffer shortly after contact with the surface of the tooth. Rubber dam is placed to isolate the field — do not use rubber dam made with thermoplastic elastomers (Figs. Penetration coefficients of commercially available and experimental composites intended to infiltrate enamel carious lesions. Lovrov S, Hertrich K, Hirschfelder U. Enamel demineralization during fixed orthodontic treatment – incidence and correlation to various oral hygiene parameters. It has been shown that resin infiltration of demineralized enamel does not affect the bond strength of ortho-dontic brackets.28. The outermost blue circle represents both the controllable and uncontrollable risk factors that a patient presents with, including but not limited to; their oral hygiene habits, medical history, dental history, socioeconomic status, diet, and dental IQ. 12). Learn more about our services for dental care in Anchorage, Alaska, by calling Fresh Dental Care at 907-276-1050 today and scheduling an appointment with our dentist. Case StudyRecently a beautiful young girl was in my office for her post orthodontic cleaning and fluoride treatment. Oral Health welcomes this original article. Research and development, literature and in vitro studies bring a product to clinical trials. 28. 2010, Data on file. No.136), (2009). When I sat down to do her “check up,” the young girl and her father told me how upset they were at the unsightly spots left behind after her braces had come off. Dent Mater 2007, 23(6):742-8. This preview can be seen when the Icon-Dry is applied to the lesion. Attach a vestibular tip to the Icon-Infiltrant and apply infiltrant by twisting the syringe. 15. The procedure was fast, incredibly simple and completely pain free. This preview can be seen when the Icon-Dry is applied to the lesion. The hydrochloric acid is left in place for the prescribed time, washed and dried. Caries Res 2010;44:47-54. As dental professionals we must be able to make informed decisions about the products we choose to use in our practices. The evaluation of resin infiltration for masking labial enamel white spot lesions. However, Icon is only effective for treating tooth decay in early stages, or up to the first third of dentin. 20. Caries Res 44: 171–248, Abs. DMG, Hamburg, Germany. The subsurface mineral loss alters the refractive index. Paris S, Meyer-Lueckel H. Masking of labial enamel white spot lesions by resin infiltration – A Clinical report. Icon is a revolutionary treatment that can improve the ... before a small amount of tooth-coloured resin is applied. The Icon infiltration concept is truly remarkable. Paris S, Meyer-Lueckel H. Inhibition of caries progression by Resin infiltration in situ. If the white discoloration disappears within a few seconds when ethanol (Icon-Dry) is applied, then it is sufficiently etched. Perhaps it was a toss up between my patient, her father and myself. Phone Number. Enamel changes caused by trauma have been successfully treated. The principle is: Air and water entrapments in the tooth have a lower refractive index than intact tooth structure.This leads to unesthetic discolorations. Before/after documentation. You are all so wonderful. J Dent Res 2008, (Spec Iss B):1585. Lesions that occur from demineralization are the only suitable candidates for this procedure. The Continuum of Dental, Caries-Evidence for a Dynamic Disease Process. Tooth decay that has progressed beyond the early stage … Paris S, Meyer-Lueckel H, Kielbassa AM. DMG, Hamburg, Germany. 3. We use cookies to make your website experience better. 12 Paris S, Meyer-Lueckel H. Caries inhibition by infiltrants in situ. Her home care had been less than stellar during her orthodontic treatment and she had white spot lesions from cuspid to cuspid. Can COVID-19 Damage Your Teeth And Mouth? Surface layer erosion of natural caries lesions with phosphoric and hydrochloric acid gels in preparation for resin infiltration. Single Tooth. Awaiting confirmation from clinical studies. Dental technology and our materials are evolving daily. 7). I encourage you to become a part of our dental community. Local anaesthetic is not required. J Dent Res 2008;87:1112-1116. Before & After. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 1987; 92: 33 – 40. Featherstone JDB. J Dent Res 88 (Spec Iss A) : Abstract Miami meeting 2009.

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