most painful place to get an injection

Shari Forschen is a Registered Nurse at Sanford Health in North Dakota. Anesthesiologist Sheaffer Williams wrote an excellent answer to this question: Sheaffer Williams's answer to What part of the body is the most painful to receive an injection such as local anesthetic? This can increase swelling as it brings more blood to infected area. But basically, he just faced the fear and let another student draw his blood. References. The factors that seem to most influence the pain level of insulin injections are a person’s perception and anticipation of pain, the sharpness and maybe the size of the needle, and injection technique.. Needle Sharpness and Size. It might, although the difference probably won't be huge. A study published about 20 years ago showed the one factor most responsible for increased injection pain was the bluntness of a needle. As far as needles..well, I work with needles and I draw blood sometimes. I've had other vaccine shots, flu, yellow fever, tetanus, typhoid. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Will that hurt a lot? wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. The part that helped me was the relieving pain, "It was really helpful when I had my flu vaccination this year!". A variety of medications, blood work, and vaccines require an injection. Intramuscular injections offer some benefits over other types of delivery methods, such as oral, intravenous injections into a vein, and subcutaneous injections into fatty tissue under the skin. Ask your doctor to talk to you while she injects you as a distraction technique. Now comes the most important part: Penetration must be rapid. Strategist warns of big Dow drop in event of lockdown Most people can learn to do this after a brief discussion and instructions with a nurse or another medical professional at the doctor's office. the first shot, then you get part 2 two months later and then part three 4 months after that. I am supposed to get 2 injections in the buttocks. Reframe the injection as “this is a quick poke and feels like a baby bee sting.”. Oh, and as an added bonus absolutely free, do you have any ideas on what might help my super-needle phobia? Double up on your relaxation techniques if necessary. Place a warm washcloth on the injection site. Most people take notice of getting one of these. Take pain relievers including ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB), naproxen sodium (Aleve) or acetaminophen (Tylenol). She received her Family Nurse Practitioner Master's from the University of North Dakota and has been a nurse since 2003. Using a numbing cream (with permission from your doctor) may also reduce the pain. No, it's less painful than the meningitis one, but the difference isn't huge. Yes it will, but remember to relax and bring someone with you if you are scared. Still have questions? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 93,019 times. why have there been so many novel coronaviruses lately (since 2000)? “Hello Dr. Maier, it’s nice to see you today. Take a deep breath in between groups to further relax you. The most painful shot (the actual shot) was penicillin, it's thick so it hurts going in. Probably the flu jab. Its that bad... hmm i read that back in the 1950,s that they gave 10cc gamma gobulin injections to prevent polio, those went in the butt, its thick viscous stuff so that had to hurt like hell and it was mostly kids who got them, must have had a lot of sore butts back then. Tense muscle groups for about 10 seconds and then give them 10 seconds to release. They were pretty much just a little pinch at most. I hear that gamma globulin is worse. By and large, the injections tend to hurt most when the cortisone is delivered to a small space. Ask your doctor or the person injecting you about the size of the needle if you like or what type of pain you might feel. For example, you could tell her about your upcoming vacation and ask her if she has any suggestions for it. How to Get an Injection Without It Hurting. Leave the ice on the site for 15 – 20 minutes. Worsening pain, redness, warmth, swelling, or itching, High-pitched or uncontrolled crying in children. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. For example, write down what you will say to your doctor and the type of conversation you’d like to have. If you are scared, talk to your doctor. Speak with your health professional before the injection about any fears or concerns you have. It is important that you feel comfortable with the technique before you start giving yourself injections. Sometimes a shot site will hurt later, just put a little ice on it. Will it hurt less if numbing cream is applied to the injection site? You may also have some pain at the injection site afterwards, too. If you can find only a small amount of flesh to hold, the needle should pierce the skin at a 45-degree angle, as in Figure 2, or even better, use one of the new insulin syringes with a short needle (5/16 inch). Or will it make me feel more scared? But I’d like to talk about my upcoming vacation to Munich while you give me the injection.”. I find it easier to give myself my monthly intramuscular injection into my thigh while I watch videos of other people doing the same. Injection sites sometimes bother patients the next day, or even a few hours afterwards. By using our site, you agree to our. Talk to your support person about something completely unrelated like dinner or a movie you want to see. That's a THICK shot because it's suspended in cotttonseed oil. Take an anti-anxiety medication to relax you. Write a “script” for the injection. I reckon all my vaccinations hurted. Stick to the script as much as you can during the procedure. I had to have been maybe five years old and I was to receive a shot in the butt for some reason. Never get a vaccination when you are sick. If you have received a steroid shot, avoid heat for 24 hours to ensure the injection will have maximum response. anesthetic shot in two fingers, because of the lack of fat and small amounts of muscle tissue, makes it painful. Sometimes a shot site will hurt later, just put a little ice on it. I also take 100cc's of testosterone every 2 weeks. Put a clean, cool, wet washcloth over the injection site if you don’t want to use ice. I hear that gamma globulin is worse. The most painful shot (the actual shot) was penicillin, it's thick so it hurts going in. Ask her to explain how she will do the injection before she starts. Research source In some cases, the surgery may leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable only immediately after the surgery. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. So whats the most painful you've evr had? Sometimes a shot site will hurt later, just put a little ice on it. This should soothe the pain and provide some instant relief. guardasil hurt like no other. How to Manage a Painful Injection. It's a piercing feeling and it feels numb afterwards. If you choose to do this method, make sure to only watch videos with positive results/reactions. Keep heavy lifting to a minimum if you got a shot in the arm. Avoid sitting for a while after the injection also. I've had other vaccine shots, flu, yellow fever, tetanus, typhoid. It's hard to deal...but try to have someone in with you that can distract you. I would recommend this article to anyone who is having injections. It depends on what vaccine it is. When is the best time to get the vaccine? It's up to your parents to decide whether to let you stay home, but generally, this is not a reason to take a day off from school. You may also be instructed to watch a video or practice on a doll. Now he's fine. ", "I think that this is a really good and well constructed article. % of people told us that this article helped them. It's only one small, thin needle in the upper arm and it's over in seconds. Master's Degree, Nursing, University of North Dakota. I don't remember why. Using your phone or tablet to either play a game or scroll through social media whilst listening to music can really help you ignore a lot of it. It stings. [1] Last Updated: March 29, 2019 it made my arm sore for the rest of the day.

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