new mexico chile relleno casserole recipe

It’s great for weekend or holiday mornings, can be prepared ahead of time, or made easy by using canned green chiles. Roast the poblanos over an open flame or under the broiler until charred all over, turning as necessary, about 8 minutes. This is excellent! I used the following suggestions from other readers: used an 8x8 pan, 3 eggs instead of 2, enchilada sauce instead of plain tomato sauce, added some black olives and jalapenos on top, used only 8 ounces lower fat I’ve shared my love of Chili Rellenos’. This Hatch Chile Relleno Recipe makes Baked Chile Rellenos with two different kinds of cheeses. I always try to making them traditionally, but sometimes there just isn’t a lot of time to do that. When that’s the case… I go for the next best thing. I found this recipe in a little “church” cookbook my Sister-in-law had. This Chile Relleno Casserole is made with fresh hatch chiles, eggs, pepperjack and Mexican cheese blend. This popular dish had its origins in Puebla, Mexico, and showed up in recipe form over 150 years ago. Put in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap to steam and … Chili Relleno casserole. If you enjoy Tex-Mex food or enjoy eating chile rellenos at your favorite Mexican food spot, I’m confident you will enjoy this twist on the original in this delicious layered casserole. We use canned chiles which makes it one Easy Green Chili Relleno Casserole to make for the perfect side dish or a meatless main dish.

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