ofsted rating system

[14][15], Most school inspections were carried out by Additional Inspectors (AI) employed by external companies known as Regional Inspection Service Providers (RISPs). Special Measures schools are given on Action Plan for how they must improve, and are regularly monitored to check that they are on track. Before Ofsted was set up in 1992, the person heading its forerunner, HM Inspectorate of Schools, was known as the Senior Chief Inspector (SCI) and was also a Deputy Secretary in the Department of Education and Science. Good schools usually receive a short, one-day inspection from Ofsted once every four years. It turned out that Ofsted had made a brief visit to the school some time before the inspection and had come up with some sort of unreported provisional judgement. Schools rated Outstanding or Good might not be inspected again for five years, while schools judged less favourably were inspected more frequently, and might receive little or no notice of inspection visits. In schools the lessons run as part of a successful maths intervention. In April 2007 the former Office for Standards in Education merged with the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI) to provide an inspection service that includes all post-16 government funded education (but not Higher Education Institutes and Universities which are inspected by the Quality Assurance Agency). Questions such as ‘What do Ofsted look for?‘, ‘What should we expect from inspectors?’ and ‘What will inspectors expect from teachers?’ are covered here, as well as detailed information on each of the four categories. At home parents use our online maths tutors to support their own children to catch up or make extra progress in maths. [35] In the Court Agreement between DfE and Summerhill School, Independent Schools Tribunal IST/59, inspections would include two advisors from the school and one from the DfE to ensure the fairness of the process. Trusted by schools, now available for families! What Makes An Ofsted Outstanding Teacher? Furthermore, the senior managers and teaching staff can be dismissed and the governing body may be replaced by an appointed Interim Executive Board (IEB). Ofsted is the UK government department responsible for inspecting schools and other social care services for children. Once the inspection has been completed, the inspectors will write up an inspection report of their findings, including the overall rating the school will receive. There is also a focus on how schools manage pupil behaviour, from smaller issues such as chatting in class (known as ‘low level disruption’ to more serious problems such as bullying. Hope and Glory, a BBC television drama featuring actor/comedian Lenny Henry, gave an insight into a fictional portrayal of teachers dealing with a school in Special Measures. Before an inspection formally begins, inspectors will read the previous Ofsted report (if there is one) and other important data e.g. The full report will be published within 28 days of the inspection taking place for anyone to read. OFSTED! secondary schools are visited by more inspectors than primary schools. Of those: However, since the introduction of the new Education Inspection Framework in 2019, 2102 primary schools have been inspected in England. Ofsted will also inspect a school out of its cycle if they receive complaints about the school for other reasons e.g. How many schools receive each Ofsted rating? [41], A 2014 poll of teachers, carried out by Teacher Support Network, revealed that over 90% of teachers felt Ofsted inspections had a neutral or negative impact on students' results. Ofsted Grade 2: Good; 3. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. '[46] In response, Wilshaw attacked Barton for being "too quick to perpetuate a 'them against us' view of the schools inspectorate...we fall back on a 'clichéd defence-mechanism' of whingeing about inconsistency", and insisted that Ofsted was becoming "more rigorous and demanding. My sense is that it’s time to stop quietly accepting that the way Ofsted is is the way Ofsted should be. Hundreds of FREE home learning resources! Looking for more information about Ofsted inspections or the primary school system in general? Schools placed into special measures receive intensive support from local authorities, additional funding and resourcing, and frequent reappraisal from Ofsted until the school is no longer deemed to be failing. The four categories covered in an Ofsted inspection are: Under the new Ofsted framework 2019, inspections focus less on academic and exam results, and instead look more closely at how well schools develop children as a whole – how they encourage them to build resilience, become better citizens etc. The Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2004, "OFSTED! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Schools which receive an Outstanding rating are exempt from regular Ofsted inspections – they will not be inspected again unless concerns are raised or some very specific conditions are met. Dr James Kay-Shuttleworth, then Secretary of the Privy Council's Education Committee, ensured that the in… This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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