romney sheep for sale near me

The Romney sheep are a long haired breed, with the wool growing over the entire body including the legs. To purchase fleece, get a shipping quote or any inquiries, please contact us directly: Home: 530-743-0739 Cell: 530-713-2024 Choose from any of the links below to view our current fleece products: SALE - 25% off 2016 fleece! Registered Romney Sheep and their Wool. Very nice fleeces. Romney, also known as Romney Marsh, is an English breed of domestic sheep that is considered an economically important breed to the sheep meat and wool trade in New Zealand. The American Romney Breeders Association (ARBA), is the registrar for and promoter of Romney sheep in the United States and Canada. Explore! In addition, in 2018 and 2019, we crossed our Romney and Corriedale rams with many of our East Friesian ewes. Medium crimp, full hand and great lock structure. We have been raising Romney sheep since 2006, starting out with 4 Registered Romney ewes and have grown the flock to around 100 head. Post your classified ads for free at She's a bit too dirty for me to be happy with her this year. Romney-Montadale ewe: 5.25 lbs: 2018 SOLD 2019 Available: Sophia: Miss Sophia has a gorgeous white fleece with a LOT of luster. C/O Maury Kaercher, 5859 East E. Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49004 269-569-9592(cell) Fleece needs extra scouring attention for some of the tips of her locks. We more recently added Blue Faced Leicester, Cormo and Wensleydale and hope to grow these flocks as well. Our first purebred Romney and Corriedale lambs were born in 2019. At present, we run about 25 registered sheep. Born March/April, almost as big as the ewes, should be able to breed in late fall or early winter. We have raised sheep for about 35 years, and raised specifically Romneys for at least 25 of those years. We raise our sheep mostly for their wool. ROMNEY MERINO RAM LAMBS One 3/4 Romney, 1/4 Leicester ram, and one 1/2 Romney, 1/2 Merino ram. Romney sheep are well-known to have one of the nicest hand-spinning fleeces of all breeds, and our focus has always been primarily on wool. You may have to be patient as we can be very busy running this ranch and off on trips to show sheep. Our site is organized into the areas shown in the navigation bar at the top of the page. ARBA registers both white and natural colored Romneys. We welcome your visit! We purchased 5 recessive-colored Romney ewes and one recessive-colored Romney ewe lamb, along with one white ewe lamb, and a recessive colored ram, named Mitt. Registered Romney Sheep. Sheep for Sale & Goats for Sale - buy and sell classifieds for sheep and goats.

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