sebastian dark oil lightweight conditioner

Rinse it off. Brand Story. I have medium blonde hair that has thinner strands but a lot of them, so their light shampoo/condition line was always a great option. I eagerly blow dried my hair anticipating the promised shiny, manageable, voluminous results and was 100% disappointed. It's awesome, the shampoo lathers so well too! My boyfriend is in love with the smell and after using it he bought some for himself. Smoothes and detangles the hair while keeping it lightweight and full of body.-Infused with a special blend of oils, including Argan and Jojoba-Smooths and detangles the hair while keeping it lightweight and full of body. Rinse it off. I will never use another conditioner. Dark Oil contains precious natural oils: sandalwood, cedarwood and argan, giving our styling oil an incredible fragrance. If you are looking for soft, their Penetraitt line is fantastic!! © 2020 Beauty Brands. Smooths and detangles the hair while keeping it lightweight and full of body. Good for older hair that gets the frizzies. But I'm willing to overlook smell because it adds smoothness, manageability and shine to my hair. I might be in love with this product. Suitable for all hair types, leaving your hair up to 3 times smoother. Towel dry to remove excess water and distribute through hair. The shampoo was SO drying that I couldn't hardly run my fingers through my hair. I purchased this shampoo and conditioner during the liter sale and could not have been more disappointed. Left my hair so soft! I'll go back to my Pureology. This is truly lightweight and did not leave my hair oily, which I was afraid of. I love it! If I use too much it can weigh my fine hair down and make it greasy, but only if I use too much. I don't understand all the positive reviews. Smoothes and detangles the hair while keeping it lightweight and full of body. You will be notified by email as soon as this item is available to purchase. Dark Oil Lightweight Conditioner, with Jojoba and Argan Oils, 8.4 Oz. Your connection to this website is secure. I really like this conditioner, it made my hair so soft and silky. I saw this during the recent beauty steals and took a chance on it hoping it would hydrate my long, dry, coarse 2A hair type. Available in sizes: 50ml, 250ml, 1000ml All I will say is save your receipt and I hope your experience is better! When I had looked it up, there were no reviews, so I was absolutely intrigued! It smoothens the cuticle, adds body and disappears into the hair using DiffusX technology, providing effortless styling and hair care. Be sure when you create your online account, you use the same e-mail address your in-store Take 10 rewards account is set-up with to link your in-store & online purchases. Since that product is longer available I figured I would try this. Would definitely recommend. Shampoo hair and rinse. The best part it makes my hair feel so light and soft. Made my hair super soft and left it manageable. this is the best conditioner I ever used. People kept telling me my perfume was amazing but it was definitely the conditioner. I have long, dry, thick, coarse wavy to curly Caucasian hair. It did not. It smoothes and detangles while keeping your hair lightweight and full of body. The texture of the product is good, not to thin and not too thick. and wow this one is amazing it completely changed my hair. I'm usually quite satisfied with Sebastian products, but these two were completely worthless. Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight Styling Oil Dark Oil Lightweight Shampoo, with Jojoba and Argan Oils, 33.79 Oz. Available in sizes: 30ml, 95ml Enter your MarketLive password to connect. I am always looking for intensive conditioners without heavy weight in my hair. The fragrance is amazing. Worth every penny. If you wish to move forward with your BB Replenishment Service order, you will need to be logged in and proceed with a registered account. I've used hotel shampoo and conditioner that were better than these two. I've been using this product for approximately a year. I recently went blonde and this conditioner was recommended by an employee to alternate with a purple conditioner! Lightweight conditioner infused with a special blend of oils. I use that at least once a week. Nourishes the hair whi ... le keeping the natural body. Our water is quite hard because of our proximity to the beach. Ideal for all hair types. I will be moving back to Sebastian Volupt which I find provides the bounce and shine for my hair type. The smell.....I will never go without this!! Lightweight conditioner infused with a special blend of oils, including jojoba and argan oil. Welcome back! Format I have been using Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint for what seems like forever and my hair never felt this good while using it. My hair feels so SO soft and silky after using this shampoo/conditioner. New to Beauty Brands? I actually had a coworker comment my hair looked less shiny than usual. Don't let the first use detour you. Difficult finding a nice mask smell with added detangling it is the bomb!!! I would recommend! I added the conditioner which helped, but the mild effectiveness stopped there. I was really debating this purchase and I'm so happy I bought this during the liter sale; such a great deal! I've been using the Dark Oil in my hair and didn't realize they had a shampoo and conditioner! I bought this on a whim looking for moisture for my dry fine but thick hair, I didn't know what to expect but I've been using it for a week and my hair is sooo soft and not weighted down which I was worried about. I need something to combat the snarls and tangles that are amplified by the hard water on my curly hair. Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight Conditioner is infused with a special blend of oils, including jojoba and argan oil. It's thick and moisturizing and the tangles that come with having thick hair fall out and brushing is easy. I just ordered another 5 bottles and next pay day I plan on ordering more before the sale ends. Lightweight conditioner infused with a special blend of oils, including jojoba and argan oil. We have found a MarketLive account that matches your email address. With this conditioner don't expect anything more than VERY basic drug store conditioner results. Lightweight mask infused with a special blend of oils, including jojoba and argan oil, for shine. The Dark Oil Lightweight Conditioner smoothens and detangles the hair whilst keeping it lightweight and full of body. Do you shop in-store & online? Key Benefits: - Smooths and detangles the hair while keeping it lightweight and full of body - Part of the Sebastian Dark Oil Care line - Ideal for all hair types Love this product with my fine hair! To Checkout, please sign into your Beauty Brands Account.

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