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Who can resist picturing this couple and the destruction happening around them? To further our understanding, let’s take a look at metaphors in popular music. “Solo” is one of my favorites because you get lines that are so mundane and relatable (“stayed up til my phone died”) and others that are kind of mind-blowing (“there’s a bull and a matador dueling in the sky”). Pyramids by Frank Ocean. Half-happy I'm inheriting his fortune, half-sad because my love will pass away. 0 … Fever - Carly Rae JepsenYear 3000 - Busted. The Last Time, Back to December, Last Kiss, Dress, Getaway Car, and especially Style are also phenomenal examples of this. There's No Way, Lauv and Julia Michaels - No one really paid much attention to this track when it came out, and I agree that it doesn't seem like much at first listen. In many cases of personification, non-human objects are given a human quality.However, in this song we see a non-human quality, in this case a hummingbird heartbeat, given to a human. It's spot on with the album imagery, blue and kinda bloomy and subdued and melancholic. Working in solitude or doing something creative, whether to pass free time or to surprise someone special, music is there in everything and everywhere. Wild, Troye Sivan - I think Troye's description of this song as "a romantic, adorable, puppy love situation between two little boys" is the best one around. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "imagery" - from the website. With sticking with the Beatles,anything on Sgt.Pepper. Two people see each other across a crowded party, eyes longing. Add an image, video, or tweet by pasting in the URL:; Add a link like this: [Check out my fave website]( THE TITLE IMAGE: The title of this song is an intensely powerful visual image. There are shockingly few pop songs that describe the actual moment of love at first sight, and this one does it extremely well. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The room overflows with intimacy and playfulness and electricity, but she knows that this relationship can't go anywhere because he already has a girl. Do Me a Favour by Arctic Monkeys and Teen Idle by Marina both get my imagination going too. Every time I listen to it, I imagine a mini music video in my head. Is There Somewhere, Halsey - People rag on Halsey a lot for the lyricism of her earlier work, particularly in Badlands. I'm asking for pop songs with such strong imagery that if you close your eyes, you can instantly imagine where these lyrics are taking place and what's happening. Browse for Songs With Imagery song lyrics by entered search phrase. She starts by setting up every single detail - she's with a person, dancing wearing tube socks in their hotel room, and Halsey is mesmerized with his eyes. Relevance. All Too Well, Taylor Swift - The great aunt of evocative pop tracks. But Mayer resists the … Songs With Imagery lyrics. But it's Forrest Gump, a wonderfully queer reinterpretation of the love story between Jenny and Forrest in the movie, that I think evokes the clearest picture in my brain. Any help would be much appreciated! Forrest Gump, Frank Ocean - I mean, it's Frank. 1 decade ago. I'm asking for pop songs with such strong imagery that if you close your eyes, you can instantly imagine where these lyrics are taking place and what's happening. The latest and greatest in pop music, all in one subreddit. "Can't Stop the Feeling"-Justin Timberlake. There are 60 lyrics related to Songs With Imagery. Press J to jump to the feed. Frank Ocean really is the dude when it comes to this. But it doesn’t provide the vivid imagery that the metaphor provides. Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! Metaphors in popular songs 4 Answers. I could pick basically any track from Channel Orange or Blonde for this - from the drive that takes place in White Ferrari to that entire tumblr post (you know the one) that comes to mind whenever you hear Thinkin Bout You. What are some examples of songs with visual imagery? AND THEY SAY THAT A HERO CAN SAVE US, I'M NOT GONNA STAND HERE AND WAITI HOLD ONTO THE WINGS OF AN EAGLE, WATCH AS WE ALL FLY AWAY, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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