spyderco double stuff vs fallkniven cc4

Fallkniven has two popular sharpening whetstones called the DC3 and DC4. I dropped my DC4 by accident and it cracked the stone but the plate seems to be holding it together. I've had the Spyderco Double Stuff since the mid-to-late '90s, I think. Vs Rough Rider. I've got a dc4 a cc4 and the spyderco double stuff as well as a few DMV keychain diamond sharpeners. Back to the Fallkniven and the double stuff. ... Gear - The Stuff We Carry Knives. - Duration: 8:14. The Newer DC4 and DC3 have a much better darker gray stone, cuts much faster then the brown ceramic they had before which had "grooves" on the surface and was very slow and loaded bad. Sharpening. Contro-tutte le pietrine Fallkniven le allungherei di 2 cm, sarebbero ancora impugnabili in mano medie e si lavorerebbe meglio. Fallkniven li ha sempre fatti benissimo, vera pelle lavorata.-Al contrario della nuova DC4 questa CC4 ha un buon prezzo grazie al suo lato fine bianco che ne aumenta la versatilità, in più è fatta per durare molti anni. I've been using the Double Stuff successfully for years. The dc models have a Really course diamond side and a medium side which is … Started using it when I was a 'noob' to sharpening in general. Fallkniven CC4. ... A wee chat about my fallkniven cc4, sharpening system. The grits do seem to be the same as the Spydie rods. ... Spyderco sells similar small ceramic sharpeners. Sharpening stones: Comparing Fallkniven DC4 to Spyderco DoubleStuff. For an esee izula I would go with a cc4 or cc3 if they make one. And I don't mean the Sharpmaker, they also have (or at least had a few years ago) a set of pocket sharpeners. + some new stuff.

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