topstitching sewing machine presser foot

The built in ruler is great for parallel stitching and works great with a twin needle! Hold the thread tails to the back of the machine as you start sewing, then guide the foot along the seam line. FILTERS × CLEAR ALL This foot is the most basic of all presser feet. The underside of the presser foot is designed to glide along the folded edge, and it will give you beautiful topstitching on your project. *****Not sure which foot is right for your machine? 1 Straight stitch Presser foot. These are the ones you need in your everyday sewing. In this video we show you how to create perfectly spaced Top-stitching with the Stitch Guide Foot. A perfect stitch in the ditch! Sewing Machine Presser Feet guide. Call us at (888) 824-1192 or email us at so we may help you find the correct part. There is basically no way out other than use these ones. The basic presser feet you (most probably) have. presser feet The right presser foot not only makes sure your fabric stays in check while sewing, it can also help you hem, ruffle, and add extra versatility to your favorite machine. These feet purchased separately would cost well over $350.00. The Bi-level Topstitch Foot for IDT™ system guides your topstitching and edge stitching perfectly. Most of the sewing machines come with some basic presser feet. This is a NEW 40 PRESSER FOOT SET of different Very Popular Presser Feet for VIRTUALLY ALL High-Shank, Single-Needle Industrial Sewing Machines, including: ARTISAN BROTHER CONSEW COLUMBIA JUKI MITSUBISHI NAKAJIMA REX SEIKO SINGER SIRUBA TAIKO TOYOTA.

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